Beat the Dealer

Unlike Poker where you play against several players, in Blackjack players only have to beat the dealer. And you do that by getting closer than the dealer to 21 points without going over. Cards 2 to 10 are worth their face value, the Royals are all worth 10 points, and Ace is either 1 or 11, depending on what is most convenient to the hand in question.

The player and the dealer are each dealt two cards, but one of the dealer’s cards is face down. Based on this, players have to decide their move. You have the option of getting more cards to get closer to 21 or staying. To get more cards (and more points) you can Hit, meaning you take another card, Double Down which means you double your wager and take another card, or Split, creating two sets of hands and playing them separately. When you Stand and take no more cards, your turn ends. Did you do enough to beat the dealer? If you are dealt a “natural blackjack,” two cards that add perfectly to 21, you automatically win.

Two Ways to 21

There are two variations of Blackjack, which are available in our online mobile casino. The European variation is the oldest style of Blackjack. In this version, players are dealt two cards at the beginning of the game, but the dealer is only given one. The dealer gets a second card only after the player finishes his or her first turn. In the American version, explained above, the dealer is dealt two cards with one faced down. The dealer also gets the option to peak at the second card with the possibility of an automatic blackjack of 21 points before the player even gets to make a move.

Play Mobile

If you are the type of player that likes to get fully immersed in a game and think of new ways to solve problems, or likes to create their own unique strategy to tackle things, Blackjack might just be the game for you. And now you can play mobile! Spin Casino offers Mobile Blackjack for your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone so that you can have fun and play safe no matter where you choose to be.

The first move on Blackjack is to place a bet, and you should be able to do that in a fully secure environment. Spin Casino brings years of experience to the table and has earned the trust of Blackjack players across the world.  We invite you to play with us and attempt to beat the dealer!