Why is the APK Better?

Simply put, the Android APK offers players with a better overall experience than the browser-based play, but with literally no drawbacks. While there is nothing wrong with the browser-based version of Spin Casino, it can be time consuming to have to open your phone’s browser and navigate to Spin Casino before logging in. When using the Android app however, you can be open and logged into your mobile casino account just by opening the app. It’s that quick.

The APK Installation Guide

As the name implies, the Spin Casino Android APK is only available on Android devices. To install it you must begin by downloading it from this page. Once it has finished downloading you must navigate to your device’s downloads folder and open the APK file, this will begin the installation process. You must first agree to allow the installation of unknown apps, and then allow Spin Palace to access files on your device. Accepting these will allow the APK to install. Once installation is complete you can log into your existing account or create a new one from scratch if needed.

Your Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use an existing Spin Casino account as my login?

Yes, you are able to use an existing account.

Is there a Spin Casino Android app?

Yes, the Play Store does offer an Android app. However, this version features a smaller selection of games than the APK.

How does the APK work?

The Spin Casino APK is our regular Spin Casino mobile site contained within an app. Doing this makes it more convenient to access and smoother to use.

Will the APK work on iPhone?

No, Apple doesn’t allow its devices to use website streaming inside an app in the way our APK does. However, there is a Spin Casino app available through the App Store.

How many games can I access through the APK?

Our entire roster of more than 500 hundred games is available through the APK. We are also adding more games all the time so you’ll always find something to play.

Does the APK allow for sports betting?

Not yet. For now the app will only allow for regular casino betting. We may add sports betting in a future update however.

Is the APK safe and secure?

Yes, the APK uses the same high-end cybersecurity technology as our regular browser-based platform.

Will the app take up lots of space on my device?

The app is small enough to fit comfortably on most devices. Most of the data is streamed in so your device will not need to store lots of it.

How do I know if the app works in my region?

The APK automatically detects the location of your device and determines whether it will work or not.