Master the Blackjack Basics

No matter where you play Blackjack, or whichever version you play, the object of Blackjack is always the same: Get a hand that adds up to, or as close to 21 as possible. However, you must get closer to 21 than the dealer, or do it with fewer cards. The total of your hand also cannot go above 21 or it counts as a bust, which is an instant loss.

Numbered cards have the same value as the number displayed on the card. Face cards however count for 10, while Aces can count for either 11 or 1, its up to you.

Playing a Round of Blackjack

Like all table games , the first thing that must happen before play can start is to place bets. Once this is done the dealer will deal two cards to the player and then to themselves. The player will be able to see both of their own cards and often just one of the dealer’s cards.

You as the player will be required to look at the value of your cards as well as the dealer’s one card and decide whether you would like to hit or stay. Choosing to hit will compel the dealer to give you another card from the top of the deck, adding to your total value. If you go over 21 it’s a bust and the dealer wins automatically, and you forfeit your bet. However, if the dealer goes bust, you win.

Once you are happy with the value of your cards then you must choose to stay. The dealer will then repeat the process for every player at the table and then finally for themselves. Any player that beats the dealer will be paid out in accordance with their bet.

Blackjack Enjoyed Responsibly

At Spin Casino we put the power in your hands by giving you a great level of control over your account. You have the freedom to set limits on your game time, as well as your spending.

We maintain that play should always be fun, and never stressful. By practicing responsible gaming you’ll be able to enjoy your play time to the fullest and get the most out of your Spin Casino experience.