How Video Poker Was Invented

Video Poker comes across as a very modern game, but the real origins of the game go further back than you might think. The earliest origins of Video Poker date back to 1890s Brooklyn. The original inventors were Sitman and Pitt who built a Poker playing machine that combined the rules of Poker with the mechanical automation and ease of Pokies.

While the original versions were mechanical, Video Poker as we understand it today would come into being during the 1970s. These more modern machines were invented by Sircoma and featured video screens that made use of computer chips instead of mechanical gears.

The next generational leap forward would take place during the 1990s when Microgaming introduced Video Poker onto the web in the form of online casinos. These online versions of the game have continued to evolve and you can be guaranteed that if you choose to play Video Poker at Spin Casino then you are playing the most advanced versions of the game that exist today.

The Rules Of Video Poker

When it comes to Video Poker you can forget about the Flop, Turn, and River that you might know from Hold ‘Em Poker. This is because Video Poker draws its rules from the simpler 5-card draw Poker.

Another way that Video Poker differs from regular Poker is that you don’t play against other players or even a dealer. The object of the game is instead to try to form winning hands from the cards you draw from the deck.

A round of Video Poker begins by placing a bet. Doing so will present you with an initial draw of five cards. Any winning combinations from these five cards will be held for you automatically. You may also choose to hold any of the other cards by clicking or tapping on them. You may discard unheld cards and replace them with new cards by clicking the draw button. These cards are then checked by the computer and you will be paid out according to any winning combinations you might have. It’s as simple as that to get started with Video Poker from your very own mobile casino .

Winning Poker Combinations

Winning combinations in Video Poker are all exactly the same as they are in any regular version of Poker.

The simplest and smallest winning combination is a Pair of two cards. Then comes Three of a Kind, Four of a Kind, Full House, Straight, a Flush, and of course a Straight Flush. A Royal Flush is the highest possible winning hand in Video Poker and also boasts the largest payout of any winning combination.

Video Poker The 3-card Way

If you’re looking for an even more effortless way to enjoy Video Poker, then the 3-card version of the game might be for you. This version of the game features a draw of just cards after which you must decide to either raise, fold, or play. It couldn’t be simpler or faster than that.