Low house edge

Baccarat has a low house edge. In other words, it isn’t heavily weighted in the casino’s favour. The house edge is only 1.24%. To play baccarat well, just pick a side – bank or player – and the side with a total closest to nine wins! There’s only one thing to remember when playing baccarat in terms of strategy: do not take the tie bet (or third card option), which is less advantageous. So now you know everything! Traditionally, this low house edge meant that the game was reserved for the high-stakes rooms in land-based casinos. Today, everyone can enjoy this popular game online at Spin Casino.

Interesting facts

The origins of baccarat go back to the gambling salons of France and Italy. The original game of baccarat was called chemin de fer, which if you remember anything from high school French, means railway. However, in this case, the name chemin de fer refers to an “iron road” because of the iron box used to hold the cards. In fact, this game is so old that the name predates the modern French meaning of chemin de fer. Now this traditional French game is also available in a digital version with stunning graphics. At Spin Casino you can enjoy an immersive, high-definition baccarat experience thanks to Microgaming’s incredible online game catalogue.

Game of Fate

In Asia, baccarat is the favourite casino game of all time. Asian players also enjoy the “fate” aspect of the game. Players may blow on cards to rid the hand of bad numbers. Chinese players are less interested in baccarat’s James Bond pageantry  – did we mention baccarat was 007’s favourite game – with tuxedoed dealers and big tables and prefer to play on a simple single table, like blackjack. At Spin Casino, the cards are digital, and the dealer’s job is done by a computer, but we think you’ll be surprised by the rich, immersive experience we offer you online. The quality of our online casino games and mobile baccarat is thanks to the skilled developers at Microgaming – leaders in the field of online casino gaming for decades. If you’re a fan of baccarat, come and try Spin Casino’s online baccarat on PC or on your mobile phone – you might be pleasantly surprised!