How Does the APK Work?

The Spin Casino Android APK is purpose built to deliver the same great Spin Casino experience without the added fuss of logging in through your phone’s browser. This means that your time spent logging in and playing should be smoother than it would be playing through a smartphone browser. This also means you no longer have to navigate to Spin Casino and log in through the browser. Instead you can just open the app and you’re logged into your mobile casino and ready to play with a single tap.

A Guide to Installing the APK

As you may have guessed, the Android APK is compatible only with Android devices. To install your APK you need to first download it onto your device using the link included on this page. Once you’ve downloaded the APK you need to open it on your device from your download location. Your device should prompt whether you want to allow the installation of unknown apps and also whether you want to allow Spin Casino to access files on your device. Agree to both of these prompts and the APK should begin to install on your device. After the installation completes you will need to either register for a new account, or log into your account if you already have one. You’ll notice that app’s interface looks exactly the same as Spin Casino’s browser-based version. However, the app should run noticeably smoother and be more convenient than the browser version.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Can I log into Spin Casino use my existing account details?

Yes, logging into the app is the same as logging into the browser-based version of the Spin Casino.

Is there a Spin Casino Android app?

Yes, the Google Play Store features a Spin Casino Android app for download, but that version does not offer the same number of games as the dedicated APK version does.

What is the APK?

Think of the Spin Casino APK as our regular website contained inside a regular smartphone app for the sake of convenience.

Will the APK run on an iPhone?

No, unfortunately Apple devices do not allow for website to be streamed into an app in the way that our APK does. Apple users who want a dedicated app should instead download our app from the App Store.

How many games are there on the APK?

The Spin Casino APK houses the same extensive collection of more than 500 hundred games that you’ll find on the regular Spin Casino website. This roster is updated all the time to make sure you always have the newest games to play.

Does the APK feature sports betting?

Not yet. As of now the app only allows for regular casino gaming. There is the possibility that this functionality might be added in the future however.

Is it safe to login the Spin Casino APK?

Yes, player safety and security is at the core of everything we do. Our APK makes use of all the same high-end security features as our browser-based site.

How big is the app once installed?

The app doesn’t take up much space because it streams most of the data directly to your device. You’ll find that it should fit comfortably on any device with a bit of free space to spare.

Can the app be used in my region?

The APK automatically detects the location of the device it’s installed on and will not work if not available in your area.