A Long, Long Time Ago

The game of Keno originated in Ancient China. Legend tells us that General Cheung Leung needed to raise additional money for his army’s continuous battles because tax revenue was quickly running out. So, he ideated this lottery-style game. Keno became so successful, the General had money left over to fund the Great Wall of China!

The game has since been modernized, of course. And the version we play at Spin Casino is played with numbers from 1 through 80, instead of 120 Chinese characters in the tickets.

Pick a Number, Any Number

Keno is a game of lottery. Players get a ticket with numbers from 1 through 80, and they try their luck by selecting up to 15 numbers. At our online casino, players can play from their desktops or smartphone, so there is no paper ticket. Instead, you select your lucky numbers, called Spots, and press Play. The winning numbers will then be generated using a Random Number Generator and will appear on your screen one by one. Just like with a lottery drawing, you want your chosen numbers to match the numbers drawn.

The payout depends on how many of the numbers you selected match the numbers that were drawn (or generated). But you need at least three matching numbers to start winning.

To create anticipation, Spin Casino uses graphics and animation to enhance the game of Keno. You’ll have to see it to experience it, but let’s just say you should not be surprised if a dragon starts calling out the winning numbers!

Less is More

Keno is a straightforward lottery game in which you pick up to 15 numbers in hope that some of them match the winning generated numbers. The game is pure unadulterated luck and lots of fun.

Many Keno players advise to pick fewer than 15 Spots or numbers per game. By picking 7 or 8 numbers instead, you bet a smaller amount while still maintaining a decent chance of potentially winning. Picking fewer Spots will result in smaller wins and smaller losses, which will stretch your budget and allow you to play more rounds.

Other Games of Chance

While all casino games are games of chance, some allow for more strategy than others. Keno does not allow for strategy, just luck and the joy of waiting to see what happens next. Fans of Keno like to play their favorite numbers, such as their birthdate, anniversary, or a number they dreamt with. They tend to be superstitious and big believers in fate. Mostly, they want to have fun in hopes of being pleasantly surprised.

Do you think Keno is the right game for you? We invite you to try it out on your desktop or mobile device, or choose other straightforward online casino games. You may want to try Roulette to spin the wheel and hope to land on the winning number or pick from our wide collection of online Slots for your entertainment.