Making Sense of the Basics

The objective of Craps is to bet on the value of two dice rolled each round. The person at the table doing the rolling is known as the Shooter. When taking bets, you are essentially betting with or against the Shooter. This means that you are trying to predict whether their roll will be a winner or a loser.

Each round of Craps is separated into two stages called the Come Out and the Point. During the Come Out, bets for or against the Shooter are called Pass and Don’t Pass Bets. During the Point Phase, these bets are called Come and Don’t Come.

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Placing Your Bets

During the Come Out phase of the game, the Shooter is attempting to win by rolling a 7 or an 11. If the Shooter rolls a 2, a 3, or a 12, then he automatically loses. Choosing to place a Pass bet means you are betting with the Shooter. In this case, if the Shooter wins, then you win. A Don’t Pass bet on the other hand is the complete opposite of this.

If the Shooter rolls any number other than the ones stated above, then the game moves on to the Point phase. During the Point phase, the Shooter is again trying to roll the same number they rolled in the Come Out phase. If they’re again able to roll the Point, then the Shooter wins. Come and Don’t Come bets work much the same as Pass and Don’t Pass. Choosing either of these is like betting with or against the Shooter.

There are more complicated bets to choose from in Craps, but getting familiar with these basic ones is suggested before moving on to more advanced Craps play in our mobile casino .

Origins of the Name

Craps may seem like quite a peculiar name for one of the most famous table games , but when you look at the origins it begins to make more sense.

One theory is that the origin of the name “Craps” may be short for “Crapaud”, the French word meaning “toad”. This is because playing Craps was often done informally and the players would crouch down like toads while they played.

A second theory is that “Craps” comes from the word “Crabs”. Crabs is a slang term used when a two or a three are rolled in dice. It just so happens that “Craps” is how “Crabs” was pronounced in colonial Lousiana where the game has its origins.

Whatever the true origins are, the name stuck and today we gladly refer to it as Craps.